The Story of Thelma Lou


Just before Christmas in 2016, I walked into Cat Tails (our local cat rescue) and asked, “Who is the last cat that would be adopted from Cat Tails?”  Now, this might sound like a strange request, however, I knew that I wanted to really MAKE A DIFFERENCE in the life of a cat.


The staff there immediately replied, “Thelma!”  Thelma was a ten-year-old tuxedo cat with horrible teeth and bad breath.  She was very thin because she could not eat, and she was barely hanging on.  Her human had died and her sister companion of ten years had died, leaving Thelma all alone, depressed and with no desire to live.  I decided to take Thelma  home with me that day.  She would become Thelma Lou, to honor her missing sister, Louise.


I knew that Thelma Lou had something to offer my family and my family had something to offer her!  Paws-Ability agreed to pay for dental care, which in this case meant pulling all her teeth due to massive infection.  This would mean softer food but that was  totally OK with Thelma Lou.  At last, with the infected teeth gone, she began to feel better.


Today, Thelma Lou has the sweetest breath, gets healthy soft food, lots of treats and she is now a small cat with a large middle!  She has become the “Queen of Personality,” and is a real team player with my other cats (as long as they do exactly what she wants them to do, of course.)  She loves her new family and that love is returned to her every day.


Remember when you are ready to adopt, look at the one animal in a shelter that does not appear to be “adoptable.”  Often, they just need the chance to let their light shine to become an amazing pet!  Look what a difference it made to Thelma Lou!