The story of an Angel . . . The story of Stella


The Angel Dog shown on this Paws-Ability card first appeared on  our Christmas card two years ago.  Stella was the beloved pet of a family who adored her.  She was one of three Schnauzers in their “family.”  They knew Stella was aging and they loved her so much, and for so long, that they wanted to create a program in her honor.  This program would become STELLA’S TOUCH.  Today, the Stella’s Touch program assists pet owners in caring for their pets during a time they need financial assistance.  Stella crossed the Rainbow Bridge two years after this program was started. Before that, the program had already helped 56 pets stay with their families.  The dream that led to Stella’s Touch became a godsend for other pets in need. As pictured on this card, Stella stands watch over these Christmas pets as a true angel.  Her story is one of love and hope.


Today, the Stella’s Touch program continues by helping over 60 pets a year. Assistance has included orthopedic surgeries, emergency surgeries, providing a small fenced area for a senior dog living with his senior owner, heartworm treatments, amputations, and surgeries for life threatening conditions like cancer and infections. Stella continues to be the Angel that will step in to assist a grieving pet owner when they reach a point when they must ask for help or lose their pet.  It is so important for ailing pets to be able to remain where they belong, with their own families as they recover.  Situations that might break the hearts of pet owners and veterinarians now have the possibility of help when it is needed most. One family began the program called Stella’s Touch to honor their beloved pet and this simple idea became a mission in memory of Stella.