The Story of Sophie


Sophie was abandoned at a rural, high-kill animal control facility.  Her back legs were paralyzed and she could not urinate on her own.  This meant that her bladder would always be full and as a result, she suffered from a bad bladder infection.  The family that surrendered her left little information about her, and what they did say was untrue. The veterinarian’s name they left had never seen Sophie.  The phone number they left for themselves was incorrect.  There was no way to reach them to get any more information to help with Sophie’s medical history.  We had no way to know how long Sophie had been paralyzed nor what actually happened to her.  We only knew she was about 2 years old and had already been bred several times.  It seemed her “family” simply wanted to get rid of her since she could not walk.

The shelter staff knew she had limited time and she certainly was not an adoptable dog.  She was, however, so sweet that she won over everyone who came in contact with her.  She pulled herself along and tried to play.  She wanted to prove that she was worth saving.  All she needed was a chance.  So, the shelter staff asked, on Facebook, if any rescue group would take her.  If not,  their only choice was to euthanize her.


This story has a happy ending because of RESCUE!  These people step up to help the pet when no one else does.  Transportation was arranged to move Sophie from the shelter to the rescue group and into a foster home.  She was treated by a veterinarian for her severe bladder infection and ear infections. Sophie was vaccinated, microchipped and her bladder was emptied, giving her much-needed relief.  She was evaluated by an  orthopedic specialist who determined that surgery would not help Sophie to walk again. Her disc was badly damaged from trauma and could not be repaired. As soon as she was over the bladder infection, she was spayed. A Good Samaritan saw Sophie’s story on Face Book and donated a stroller so she could accompany the other dogs in the foster home.  The rescue group ordered a custom wheelchair for her since it was obvious she would need to learn to get around on wheels.  Sophie was now free to move around on her own.  She took about 15 minutes to learn how to maneuver in her new wheels and LOVED the freedom the wheels gave her.  She could walk with other dogs, even run!  When her muscles tired, she enjoyed the stroller ride because she always wanted to be part of the pack and be included.


Sophie is a young dog and her puppy nature blossomed!  When her body was no longer wracked with infection, we learned that she absolutely loved toys and would play fetch for hours.


Now, she has a basket of toys and will search out her “favorite of the day” to begin her play.  When visitors comes to the foster home, they were met by Sophie, with a toy in her mouth.  She thinks everyone who comes to the house is coming to play with her!  Sophie’s foster mom has decided Sophie had become part of their family. Sophie was HOME at last! She loves her new family, and her new life.