The Story of how Minnie became Chula


Minnie began her life as a breeder dog, in a cage in a puppy mill.  A puppy mill is a death sentence to the breeder dogs.  The puppies are sold to people who do not know or care what is left behind.  Life might be good for the puppies, but Minnie’s life never changed. She sat in a dirty crate, day after day, in her own filth. Minnie got food when she was pregnant, and water when the humans happened to remember it.   She received no medical care and when she was too old and sick to produce puppies, they were through with her.  When the owners of the puppy mill dumped Minnie in a local kill shelter, she appeared much older and much more fragile than her years should have shown.


When the veterinarian spayed Minnie, she had so many mammary tumors that the vet was shocked and feared cancer.  Fortunately, it was not.  It was almost as if Minnie willed herself to live.


Minnie loved the gentle, quiet attention she received at her foster home and after months in foster care, she gradually came to back to life.  Minnie was now ready to be adopted and her foster mother set out to find the perfect home for her.


Minnie met a lady who had recently lost her dog.  In this story, it is hard to say who saved whom.  Minnie says she was saved by her new mom, but her mom says Minnie stopped the tears and saved her!  Rescue is often like that.


Minnie’s  new mom wanted Minnie to have a new life where she would be queen of the house.  She changed Minnie’s name to Chula and she is barely recognizable from the first pictures of her when she was first rescued to the many pictures of her now.  Chula has truly become a DIVA!  Life is very good now, for Chula and for her new mom too.