Through their e-mail blasts, Paws-Ability connected us to our wonderful dog. He had been taken out of a coastal shelter into foster care, and we adopted him from there. Five years later he loves a good bike ride with his other rescued brother. Thanks for connecting us to this gentle creature!

Paws-Ability is an incredible group of people dedicated to animal welfare issues in our county. They have energized an entire county to address issues and situations that really matter. Every county needs a Paws-Ability!

Paws-ability has been instrumental to the health and well-being of thousands of animals in Brunswick County. Their fundraising expertise has made it possible for rescue groups in our community to cover medical expenses and projects vital to companion animals. They are truly a fundraising model for communities everywhere. All of their work is accomplished through volunteers, and their administrative costs are unbelievably low. Thanks to Paws-Ability’s help, R.A.C.E. has been able to afford treatment for many special needs animals, including heartworm treatment, eye surgeries, and other major interventions. We couldn’t do it all without their help. Thank you, Paws-Ability!

Paws-Ability works for improvements in animal welfare. The rescue groups in Brunswick County know Paws-Ability reaches across all boundaries to pull together for the good of the animals. Paws-Ability reaches out and partners with the groups to sustain them and to help Brunswick County animals.

As residents and animal lovers we are amazed at the passion in which Paws-Ability speaks for those who cannot… when it comes to animal rights, working to abolish puppy mills, spay/neuter support and promoting responsible pet ownership, Paws-Ability is making a huge difference in this County!

Paws-Ability does so much . . . they do fundraising, which supports the rescue groups in our county, they keep members in the loop about animal welfare issues, they provide cooperative communication with all Brunswick County Rescues, and they’ve supplied Flea and Heartworm preventative Rx for Brunswick County Shelter. They truly ROCK!!!!

As a business member of Paws-Ability, our staff enjoys volunteering and participating in many Paws-Ability events, from their annual Mardi Gras in February to the Bicycle Poker Run in October. Through this, we’ve met so many wonderful people. Overall the great fellowship, good food and fun all while helping to raise money and bring about awareness to benefit animal welfare in Brunswick County has been top notch! We look forward to this year’s events, and our continued relationship with this truly special group! Thank you to the many members of Paws-Ability for all you do! Brunswick County is a better place because of your work.

I’ve been a Paws-Ability volunteer for years, and I’ve come to know this amazing group of people who are fiercely dedicated to the welfare of the animals in Brunswick County. We’re committed to do whatever it takes: bringing all Brunswick County rescue groups together to work cooperatively, helping fund the Fix-a-Friend Low Cost Spay Neuter Clinic, providing flea treatment for the animals at the County shelter. I am very proud to be a volunteer for Paws-Ability and I know Brunswick County is blessed to have them!