The Story of Snuggles, a.k.a. ‘Little Bit’


Snuggles was 13 years old when he was abandoned by his owner to be euthanized. He was left to die alone, shivering due to thinning hair, with such rotted teeth that he was unable to eat.  Then, along came one of our rescue volunteers!


Snuggles received dental care, actually losing nearly all of his teeth.  During that surgery, the vet found out that poor Snuggles’ jaw was broken. His mouth was surgically repaired, and as Snuggles began to regain his health, he came alive again.


Snuggles loves other dogs and loves his food. In fact, Snuggles loves nearly everything now. His hair has returned to Shih Tzu beauty and his mouth? Well, it may not be perfect but there is no pain and he is fine with that. It is as if he has a crooked little smile.


Snuggles asks you not to ignore the “less than beautiful” dogs in our shelters. Give them a chance and they will shine. They will bring the “shine” to your life too. It is not always about how long we live but about the journey. The journey for Snuggles brings a

smile to the face of all who meet him.


The life of Snuggles was made possible because of this thing called RESCUE. These volunteers are amazing people and the pets they save are amazing too.