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Guidelines for PAWS-ABILITY Funds Request

PAWS-ABILITY has established guidelines for the work we will support with funds. We evaluate requests for funds based on specific funding priorities and restrictions listed below.

How does a rescue group or animal shelter apply for financial assistance from Paws-Ability?

Funding is awarded on a case-by-case basis. General guidelines:

  • Payment is made directly to animal rescue group or animal shelter, NOT to service providers such as veterinarians, transporters, boarding facilities/kennels, trainers and pet stores, etc.
  • Rescue group or animal shelter should be treating an animal from Brunswick County, NC.

If your rescue group or animal shelter has a case you believe qualifies for assistance from Paws-Ability, please download and fill out an application.

Submit your application to: Please state “Funds Application Request” in the subject line.

If you have questions regarding any part of the process, contact us.

Funding Priorities

PAWS-ABILITY’s funding priorities include funds for the following purposes:

  • County Spay and Neuter programs to reduce the number of unwanted animals in the county
  • Frontline produce to BCAPS on annual basis
  • Reimbursement of funds to qualified rescue groups and animal shelters
  • Any program that we feel will contribute to the overall health of animals in Brunswick County.

Funding Restrictions

Paws-Ability will NOT support:

  • Organizations with mission unrelated to animal welfare
  • Organizations with unusually high administrative expenses or other indicators of financial mismanagement
  • Organizations which have demonstrated practices that are inconsistent with Paws-Ability standards
  • Organizations that discriminate because of race, color, religion, sexual orientation or national origin

PAWS-ABILITY will not provide funding for: Transportation costs, equipment (collars, leashes, crates, toys, etc.), phone bills, shelter adoption fees, postage and paperwork costs, grooming, routine boarding, food and microchip implant.

PAWS-ABILITY is not intended to fund all rescue costs. As such, we will not cover spay or neuter requirements, routine vaccination costs, initial heartworm testing, fecal exams, and preventative medications. We feel that rescue organizations who are not financially able to cover these initial costs, should not commit to caring for additional animals.

PAWS-ABILITY is dedicated to improving issues that deal with animal welfare in Brunswick County.

Paws-Ability will assist with the extraordinary medical costs incurred by rescue groups for an animal in need. We do NOT fund medical costs associated with animals who have already been adopted.

PAWS-ABILITY will not support an organization found to have submitted false documentation, abused and/or neglected the animals in their care, and those who do not follow basic rescue ethics such as spay and neuter. Not only will we not provide current funds, but these individuals will be suspended from consideration for a period of 5 years, and will be reported to the ASPCA and American Humane Society for possible further rescue funding suspension.

Procedures for Applying for Funds
The rescue group or shelter will fill out the Funds Request Application. It is the responsibility or the group making the application to negotiate with your veterinarian for discounted rates for medical procedures required.

Emergency Medical Care
At the time that an emergency medical case arises, the rescue group should contact the Paws-Ability. It is possible that credits are available with local veterinarian hospital or clinic that would dictate the facility to be used for a cost saving on treatment of the animal. PAWS-ABILITY will require a copy of the itemized vet bill for the services obtained for our permanent records.

NOTE: Funding procedures and criteria are subject to change, without notice. All funding is dependent on verification/approval and funds availability. Approved distributions do not imply endorsement, certification or approval of organizations or their activities nor do they imply affiliation with PAWS-ABILITY.

Common Reasons for Denied Grant Requests

The following list contains the most common reasons why Paws-Ability would reject certain a funding request.

  • Duplicate Application
  • Incomplete Application
  • Ineligible Applicant
  • Lack of Clarity or Details
  • Limited Resources/Budgetary Constraints
  • Request does not meet Paws-Ability standards or expectations
  • Outside geographically designated operating area
  • Outside of Guidelines: Request does not fall within stated guidelines for new funding
  • Application is vague or incomprehensible, contains excessive errors or other indications that do not meet standards of eligibility for Paws-Ability funding

It is your responsibility to verify your non profit filing status and requirements with the IRS.
Paws-Ability will conducts regular reviews of our applicants’ non-profit status. Requests from organizations which lose their non-profit status for any reason will not be considered for funding.