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                     HOW TO PLAY


Participants will receive a lanyard containing a “Passport” for the ride.  This Passport consists of Poker Run rules, a list of all Site Sponsors, map of the event ride with card site locations noted and a “score card.”

Site Sponsors will open to receive participants at 1 PM.  No particular sequence or route is required.  This is NOT a competitive event, nor is it a race.  The paths chosen may range from less than 2 miles up to 7 miles.  While participants are encouraged to visit all locations, to compete, at least 5 cards are necessary to form a poker hand.  Participants should return to the registration tent area no later than 4 PM for the after party.

There will be 11 card draw site locations on the island.  Maps with sites marked will in the Passport for each rider.  Participants must enter each of the Site Sponsor locations to select a card and to register for a prize to be given away at the after party.  The cards drawn will be marked by Paws-Ability volunteers on each participant’s Passport.  Remember, at least 5 playing cards are needed to form a poker hand.  Participants will submit completed Passport cards along with their names at the end of the ride to be eligible for prizes.  Prizes will be awarded for the best poker hand and one for the worst poker hand!  Children will collect cards for a point game using highest number of points and lowest number of points.

Participants may collect the required 5 cards by walking or riding less than 2 miles, however, participants are encouraged to visit all Site Sponsor locations.  Remember, these sponsors are businesses that have made a choice to support this event.  Each may also offer special prizes, coupons, snacks or beverages.  Visiting each card draw site will allow you to add to your chances to win prizes!  Sugar Shack is located at the furthest end of the island and will be offering $50 gift winners.  So take your time and your breaks and visit them all – you can do it.