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  • Someone will go home with a great beach bicycle from Island Hoppers Bicycle Shop
  • 10 lucky participants will go home with prizes from the Site Sponsors
  • 2 winning participants will go home with great prizes for best poker hand and worst poker hand
  • 2 children will go home with prizes for the most points and the least points earned from their game hand
  • Lots of participants will go home with auction items they love
  • Participants will know more about Paws-Ability, about our programs and how these very programs affect animal welfare in our community
    AND THE BEST THING THAT WILL HAPPEN WHEN THIS EVENT IS OVER IS THAT OUR COMMUNITY WILL HAVE RAISED FUNDS TO PAY FOR MORE SPAY AND NEUTER SURGERIES THAT WILL PREVENT MORE ANIMALS FROM BEING BORN WITHOUT HOMES. The ultimate goal of Paws-Ability is to improve animal welfare in our community. We may not change the world with our events, but for the animals we help, their world will be changed forever!
    Thank you for choosing to be part of the Bicycle Poker Run and our day of fun with a purpose.