Pre-Meeting Sales Tonight: Belk’s Charity Sale  • $5 / ticket •

Meeting Agenda    Tuesday, April 30, 2019

  1. Welcome All!
  2. Financial Report Karen Arnold
    1. Updates
      1. Paint your Pet at Surf Unlimited – OIB
      2. Pancakes with the Easter Bunny at Hwy 55-Shallotte
      3. Southport SpringFest – Mary Beth Mount
      4. Dental clinic
      5. SBM magazine article on PEP
      6. Pet Education 2018/2019 school year comes to a close with our 5th yr at Jesse Mae. Celebration ceremony May 14 at 9 am at Jesse Mae.  Next year’s funding forSupply elementary School has received funding thanks to PA member Gary Hallanger!
      7. Stella’s Touch program continues to grow. 25 cases so far
  • Upcoming Events (Volunteer Sign up sheets available for each event)
    • SSB MARKETS: Weekly, every Thursday May 2 – Sept, 9am-3pm.

1.Need volunteers. set up. work a shift 8am-3pm. Tear down & return tent to storage.

2.RACE fosters invited with adoptable dogs

  1. Belk’s Charity Sale: THIS SATURDAY, May 4th Buy your tickets tonight! $5 each
    1. NEED 2 volunteers from 7-9 & 8-10 at Belk’s in Shallotte
    2. Improvements in this year’s Charity Sale program Anita August
  1. Saturday, May 4: VCA yardsale @ Seaside Animal Hospital Calabash.
    1. PA tent. need 2 volunteers 8-2 pm.
  2. Sunday, May 5: Lowes Foods OIB. Community day. Noon-4 PM
    1. PA tent. need 2 volunteers
  3. Friday, May 10: Senior Center – Calabash.  11am -1 pm
    1. Need 3 volunteers for about an hour to discuss PA programs. Casual environment.
  4. Monday, May 27: Memorial Day OIB Market. If we have volunteers.
    1. Set Up at 8:30 AM
    2. Market = 10 AM – 3 PM (includes tear down)
    3. Good market to sell tshirts & hats with lots of tourists in town
  5. Sunday, June 2: BandFest SB 2019 • Sunset Beach Town Park.
    1. Volunteers needed: set up stage, hang banners/signs, entry gate, PA tent,
    2. Sponsorships Available for $1,000 and for $250
    3. Food Trucks: Papa John’s,  Island Seafood, Dawg House Grill, Wicked Good Pretzels, Sunset Slush or Pelican’s Snoball, Beer Garden by Red Hare Brewery.
    4. Bands: Sea & Sand Band, Mason Lovette Band, Gary Lowder & Smokin’ Hot.
    5. BF funds to Stella’s Touch. MATCHING FUNDS!
  • Brunswick County BCAPS fundraiser Pins for Paws on Saturday, June 15 230pm at Planet Fun in Shallotte. Contact BCAPS for information: Belinda Musgrove    910-754-8204

Can we do better?

  1. Pet Food Pantry • Now forming a committee to begin working on pet food pantry idea for next year
  2. Can Brunswick County be “No Kill”?
    1. FACT: Per ASPCA:   670,000 dogs & 860,000 cats are euthanized in animal shelters in our country in 2017 That is a total of 1.5 million dogs and cats every year, an average of 4,143 dogs and cats every day.  It costs taxpayers nearly $375 MILLION to euthanize these animals . . . that’s money that could be spent much more effectively elsewhere.

Statistics reported to NC from Brunswick County:

Dogs                     2039                         Cats                         2283

Adopted                820                          adopted                    616

Ret to owner         491                           ret to owner                 44

Euthanized            595                           euthanized                 476

Unaccounted for    728                unaccounted for       1,128

2018 county budget:  $1,164.267.22

** Cost per animal      $263.29** pending info 1,856 dogs and cats unaccounted for

  1. Number of no-kill shelters doubled in 2017. This directly tied to the cost to euthanize animals. It is cheaper for a community to move toward “no kill status” than to kill so many dogs and cats.
  2. Euthanasia rate will not change until we have better regulations to govern animal welfare and better enforcement of the regulations and ordinances we have. Adopt – do not shop.  Do your part.
  3. Volunteer Needs   Paws-Ability depends on volunteers.

TYR is a local non-profit that designed and provides a customized data base to PA and to animal rescue groups.  TYR needs volunteers with IT experience.  Writers can help develop user instructions and screen “explanations.”  Volunteers will help set future direction for TYR Software and provide guidance/instructions to programmers.  Work from home.  For additional information contact:  Jack Floyd;

  1. PA Newsletter articles needed. Contact Ellen Lehrer, our newsletter editor.
  2. Event volunteers needed: See Events, Dates, and Contacts below.
  • How you can help without costing you anything!
    1. Papa John’s Pizza. USE PAWS30 FOR ONLINE ORDERS
    2. Memorial Gifts: Donations in memory of or in honor of a pet or a person
    3. RETIRED? Use Matching Funds & Donations for volunteer hours
    4. Online shopping. Remember Paws-Ability
      1. com; Amazon.Smile; Network for Good; Walmart etc
      2. Mason Dixon: LOCAL, a PA business member! Offers 5% of your purchase to non profit of your choice
  1. Mark your calendars and save the dates.
    1. Sunset @ Sunset – Sunset Beach, Saturday, October 5
    2. BandFest OIB – Sunday October 13
    3. OysterFest – October 19th & 20th • OIB
    4. Oktoberfest – Saturday, October 26th • Calabash
    5. Photos with Santa, Saturday, December 7 • SB Park AND
    6. Photos with Santa, Saturday, December 14 • OIB
    7. Shallotte Holiday Market – Mulberry Park, November 16
    8. Winterfest – Southport Franklin Square Park, Saturday, December 14
  • NEW Business Members
    1. Dog Daze Pet Supplies is open!
    2. Delilah’s Brew & Chew. Opening soon.
    3. SweetCakes Bakery, Open. 7026 Beach Drive SW, OIB.  Donated King Cake for Mardi Gras party this year.
    4. Spiritquest celebrated 20th anniversary.

XIII.  Questions / Concerns / Suggestions / Ideas

XIV. Get involved!  Volunteers welcome.  Contact information below:

Event                                             Chairperson                        E-Mail

Newsletter                               Ellen Lehrer            

Hope Harbor                            Debbie Eckert       

Stella’s Touch                           Janie Withers          

Event Volunteering                    Anita August           

Pet Education Program             Anne Overcash       

Derrillyn Harbeston 

Feral cats & TNR                      Jim Baumgarten   

Karen Arnold       

Fostering for RACE                  Cheri McLain      

Fostering for AAA                      Jill Jones