My name was “Chelsea” . . . now I am known by my family as “Gracie”


My life began badly.  I lived for seven years within a five-foot circle, watching the world go by day by ever-longer day.  I was  alone, bored, frightened and often hungry.  Each day I hoped for something better, but each day was the same. My family did not like me to be near them.  They simply did not like me, no matter how I tried.  The summers were so hot and my coat grew so thick and dark. The winters were cold, wet and frightening.  I did not think I would survive.  Some times I wished I wouldn’t. The storms were very scary, but no one cared.  My people would throw some food on the ground and when it rained, I drank rain water out of a moldy old bucket.


Then one day, a man came for me. I was put into a cage in a truck.  I had never been for a ride in a truck before.  It was scary but exciting at the same time.  This was almost as scary as a storm.   When the truck stopped, I was really scared and did not want to come out of the cage.  The man used a rope on a pole to drag me out of the cage and into a loud scary building. It was full of other barking dogs. It was terrifying and I even wished I were back on my chain.  I sat cowering in the corner of my cage in this loud animal control place for 75 long days.


Then one day someone came and put me into a car again.  And  I was so terrified that I couldn’t even walk and I was so embarrassed when I pooped myself in fear. The lady was nice to me, but all I did was hide under the bed all day, every day.


Gradually, the quiet of this place made me feel less scared. The nice lady even let me sleep in the bed beside her! She fed me and took me for walks. Day by day, my fear was less.  I learned about toys, about good food, clean water and about the gentle touch of the human hand.  I did love that bed thing though!  Was this what I have missed for my whole life?


The nice lady who showed me all of these wonderful things told me that she is my “foster mom.”  After many more days, she told I am getting adopted and going all the way to Florida. What???  My foster mom says there is a nice lady in Florida who can’t wait for me to arrive and will love me forever.  She says there is another dog like me who needs a foster mom now so he can heal too.   I’m not sure I know what all this means, but I am not afraid now.  I have learned this thing called “trust” and I have learned that there are people that are kind and gentle.  After seven years of suffering, I am getting a second chance and I am ready to begin my new life!  THANK YOU to all who rescue us!  You have changed my life forever.