The First Meeting of 2019: Tuesday, January 29

Next Tuesday, beginning at 6:30 PM, Paws-Ability will have its first meeting of the year. There is so much to share, and so many things to do at this meeting, that we suggest you come early, say shortly after 6 PM.  Why?

•    Time to renew your membership. And, we need to update our database.  So obtain a blank form at the meeting, and complete any information that has Put it with your cash or check for 2019’s membership, and turn it in at the meeting. That’s it . . . you’re good for another year. Dues are $10 for individuals, $15 for couples / families, and of course, additional donated funds are always needed and will be put to good use!

•    NEW Paws-Ability “Winter” T’s are in!  – By “winter,” we mean long-sleeved shirts. They are available in black, with the Paws-Ability logo on the front and paw on the back printed in white, or in white, with a black logo and paw print.  Sizes and quantities are limited so bring cash (just $10 for members) to purchase your shirt in Medium, Large, or X-Large.  Derrillyn Harbeston and Mercy McCurdy will be set up before the meeting to sell these shirts. Remember: it is easier for the volunteers to accept payments in cash; bringing exact change is always appreciated.

•    Mardi Gras Raffle Tickets – Yes, it’s time to get ready for Mardi Gras.  Fat Tuesday is on March 5 this year, and Geri Esposito and her team are already planning for this to be another fantastic Paws-Ability event at Jinks Creek Restaurant on OIB.  Each member is asked to sell at least one envelope of raffle tickets to help make the Mardi Gras party be a successful fundraiser.  Karen Arnold will be distributing the envelopes at the meeting. Check with friends and family before Tuesday.  You may need more that one envelop (9 tickets / envelop)

•    Cat Food donations needed – We have teams of feral cat feeders throughout the county.  This past year was a tough weather year for outside animals, and economically tough for some of the loyal feeder volunteers.  Please bring fresh-dated bags of dry cat food to donate, OR put some cash in the donation jar at the meeting.  Money collected will be used to buy the cat food for these ferals.  Thank you!

So start the year off right . . . join us for an energy-packed, informative meeting.  Hear about Paws-Ability’s successes, our present priorities and future opportunities.  Volunteer to be more involved, network with like-minded friends, and note upcoming PA events on your 2019 calendar.

See you there: The Ocean Isle Beach Town Hall, on the island at 3 Third Street West, OIB – Arrive early to renew your membership, buy T-shirts, donate cat food, and get your Mardi Gras raffle tickets.  

Remember to renew your membership. Also, bring cash for purchases, and for cat food donations, OR bring dry cat food.  

If you cannot attend the meeting, send your check to renew your membership to:  

PO Box 6174, Ocean Isle Beach, NC 28469

Thanks for your continued support of Paws-Ability.  We couldn’t do it without you!