The story of Bud the Cat


Bud appeared at a local nursery early one morning.  He was thin and very frightened of people.  No one knew where Bud came from; he appeared feral, yet he did not leave.  He had found a safe place to rest, and came to eat when no one was looking.


Very gradually, life improved for Bud. He began making friends with Sammy, the other cat who lived at the nursery.  With a safe place to sleep and food each day, he began to gain weight.  His coat began to grow thicker and even began to shine.


Bud had not been neutered.  It took nearly three years for the business owner to earn Bud’s trust so that he could be taken to the veterinarian to be neutered and vaccinated. After that, Bud seemed to be able to relax more.  He seemed to understand what love and care is about.  He began moving closer and closer to people.  It was as though Bud wanted to be touched and petted, but he was still very shy. Cats are smart.  They learn quickly that humans are often cruel in their treatment of homeless cats.


Two more years passed.  With time, Bud changed.  Visitors to the business now find Bud sitting on the cash register, waiting for them to pet him and tell him how beautiful he is.  Bud and his companion cat, Sammy, claim the nursery as their home and are happy to greet visitors during the day and even happier to sleep inside the business at night.  Life is good for Bud now.   He has a loving home!