The Story of Angel, The Cat With Three Legs


Angel was a seven month old kitten, living life as part of a feral colony.  No one will ever know how Angel ended up in the colony.  She was clearly not feral; she was not afraid of humans, and had obviously been someone’s pet.  Yet, she found herself homeless, so she survived any way that she could, within the colony of feral cats.  Eventually, someone picked her up, and took her to Ocean Isle’s local cat shelter, Cat Tails.


She was taken for a veterinarian’s examination, where x-rays showed that her front leg had been badly injured at some time in the past, and with no treatment, it had not healed properly. The blood flow had been cut off. The injury would become increasingly painful as Angel grew and gained weight.  Cat Tails and Angel’s vet decided to amputate Angel’s left front leg.  Because she was so young, Angel made a full recovery and did not miss the painful leg.  However, no one wanted to adopt a cat with a missing leg.


Then, one day a special man came into Cat Tails.  He was missing a leg too! Angel could not believe her luck when this man’s eyes met hers.  Her heart soared when he looked at Angel for who she really was, a beautiful loving cat.  He did not see her as “damaged.”  This man, missing a leg, wanted Angel, a cat who was also missing a leg.  Today, Angel loves her new life with this man, and knows that they were meant for each other.