Minutes of April 25 2017

Detailed Minutes • April 25, 2017
In Attendance: 46

I. MINUTES – approval of minutes for March 28, 2017 meeting
A. Move to accept Karen Arnold
B. Seconded by Linda Sing
C. Meeting called to order with 41 people present

A. Note of Appreciation from Laurie Nelson, Veterinary Admin at OI Veterinary Clinic who is fighting cancer, and was the beneficiary of a 50/50 at the pre-Mardi Gras party that PA conducted
B. REMEMBER: Leash and Collar Sales: $10 /set
C. Brunswick Beacon’s New Pet Page: It’s coming!
1. Full page 1 time per month
2. Extra “marketing” for up to 9 rescued animals from local rescue groups each week
D. Papa John’s Pizza: PAWS30 = 30% DISCOUNT • Promo Continues!
1. All Papa John’s Pizza stores in New Hanover and Brunswick Counties
E. Belk’s Spring Charity Sale: This Saturday, April 29, 6 – 10 a.m. Buy your tickets tonight!
1. Gabe and Mandy are PA’s Canine Ambassadors for Belk’s Charity Day Sales
2. Tickets sold by Jane Lanzillo and Gabe, and Frances Mayhew and Mandy
3. PA receives100% of funds from tickets sold by April 26; tickets sold after are divided between ALL non participating non profits
Gabe & Mandy presented funds from sales so far – $1,607.67
Ann Vonderheide and Adrienne Thomas volunteered to represent PA this Saturday at Shallotte’s Belk’s store to ensure PA receives a portion of the proceeds from charity day ticket sales that day.
F. Sunset Beach Waterfront Market – Photos with the Easter Bunny on Sat, April 13
1. 39 photos taken
2. Thank you to our very own Bunny , Bunny MacKinnon and to our member/photographer, Rick Barnard. Rick brought copies of many of the pictures that were taken that day to share with subjects at tonight’s meeting.
G. Summer Markets and PA
1. PA has been offered the opportunity to set up periodically for summer markets at SSB and OIB
2. Volunteers needed if we are to do these markets
3. May 1 will be the first OIB Market (new this year)
4. SSB Market will begin May 25
H. Novant Hospital Project • MaryBeth Mount and Janie attended a meeting there, and they are working with the hospital’s Legal Department to review the forms
1. A visitor from a new service dog group,“Wags for Warriors NC” asked to speak about their program. He was asked to provide information on his group to be vetted before addressing PA membership meeting
2. MaryBeth further explained the objectives of the hospital, including assurance that if the patient were unable to attend to his or her therapy animal, proper care could be arranged for the dog.

I. Pet Education Program (PEP) began on April 20, 2017 at Jesse Mae Elementary School
1. Wilmington Star News was there to do a story on the program.
2. Thank you to our volunteers for a fabulous class that is changing the way This program will direct the way kids will think about & treat animals for a lifetime! Five members who teach and / or coordinate this program were in attendance and recognized at this meeting.
3. BEMC grant, written by Bob Mayhew and ATMC grant, written by Sue Lubuono were awarded to grow this program for next year.
4. PEP sponsors to date include: ATMC, BEMC, First Bank, South Brunswick Island Rotary, Shallotte Rotary and Sea Trail Garden Club.

J. Community Cat Houses
1. Brain child of Carolyn Wright, Seaside Bakery. House plans designed by Bobby Rains.
2. The house plans have been turned over to the shop teacher at Brunswick Academy, Clayton Held
3. His class of 9 boys are learning carpentry skills as they build the shelters
a. They have started collecting cat food donations to add to the shelters when they are delivered
b. The boys are also learning more about feral cats and the importance of caring for them.

K. 2017 PA Membership Drive has completed. All volunteers must be members due to insurance liability.
L. NC Puppy Mill Bill
1. Introduction of HSUS volunteer coordinator, Kim Sherwood introduced
2. PA BOD approved funds to reimburse travel expenses for Kim when she traveled to GA for the most recent puppy mill bust. For every puppy mill bust, there are hundreds of breeding mills with thousands of dogs waiting to be saved. Who pays for this “cleanup”? Taxpayers & rescue groups!
3. Kim Sherwood working through local /AFAR (Advocates for Animal Rights) continues to push for stronger ordinances & enforcement for Brunswick County & NC.
4. Please contact BC Commissioners to urge them to support improvements in ordinances to improve animal welfare in Brunswick County: 910.253 2017 Urge their support for local improved local ordinances for animal welfare. It is important for commissioners to hear from YOU!

UPDATE: NC Puppy Mill Bill passed NC House. Currently languishing in Senate with Rabon. He assured Kim bill will go to agriculture subcommittee soon, however, he has promised things for 6 years now. In 2016,NC fell from #40 to #42 out of 50 in issues related to “animal welfare.”

IV. NEW BUSINESS & “Mark Your Calendars”
A. MaryBeth Mount is promoting Essential Oils for pet care. See MaryBeth if you are interested in learning more. Proceeds to benefit Paws-Ability.

B. Diane Cudd presented a check for $50 to PA for proceeds of a Christmas offer. She donates 10% of her Avon sales to PA.

C. Heartworm donations
1. Gracie’s Hope” fund continues to reimburse $250 to rescue groups for each heart worm positive dog they pull from BCAPS. Checks presented tonight to RACE for “Dakota,” and to Adopt-An-Angel for “Otis” for hw treatment

D. UPCOMING FREE EVENT, Band Fest: Sunday, Jun 4, 1-5 p.m. at Sunset Beach Waterfront Park. Food trucks, music, beer garden, raffle prizes adoptable animals & more!
1. Need Volunteers (MaryBeth took names of volunteers.)
2. Food trucks will be provided by sponsors, Papa John’s Pizza, Pelican SnoBalls and The Seafood Hut.
3. Additional sponsors include Sea Trail Golf Resort, Zane’s of the Carolinas, Fibber McGee’s and rescue dog Olive Mayo and Family
4. RACE and Cat Tails will be bringing adoptable animals

E. 7th Annual Bicycle Poker Run, OIB – Saturday, October 14
1. Will need sponsors, Volunteers and Silent auction items. Sigh up sheet was available.

F. 37th Annual Oyster Fest, OIB – Saturday and Sunday, October 21-22, 2017
1. Volunteers will be needed to set up and work a PA tent for Oyster Fest on Sat & Sun.
2. Volunteers also needed to work 3 hr shifts at the Chamber’s ticket booth for Oyster Fest. Mary Beth took names of volunteers for this event. PA will be paid to work the ticket booth for the Chamber. PA to be paid $1.000 by the chamber to work the ticket booth on Sat and Sun.
V. Tonight’s Speaker: Alicia Pearson • “Integrated Reflexology” and How It Compliments Traditional Veterinary Options
A. Natural Health Center • 10255 Beach Drive, Calabash • 579.7511
B. Alicia will be available for consult on Sunday, June 4 at Paws-Ability’s 1st Annual Band Fest!
C. Alicia’s presentation
1. Animals experience stress as humans do, yet they don’t know how to manage it.
2. Pet owners can learn to recognize signs of stress and can treat their pets with some alternative treatments.
3. Brochures available and Alicia’s available for consult Monday – Saturday, 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.
4. “Reflexology” is a combination of massage and essential oils.

VI. VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES • VOLUNTEERS NEEDED! You have chosen to be part of PA. Look over the list of volunteer needs. What do you do well, and enjoy doing? Sign up sheets are here tonight for each. If you need additional info, contact the event chair below or contact Janie Withers. We need you! Thanks for participating.

Event Chairperson E-Mail
Band Fest 6/4 Janie Withers Janiewithers@paws-ability.org.
[sign up sheet available]

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Novant Hospital Program Mary Beth Mount mbs6042@gmail.com
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ANIMAL ABUSE HOTLINE: http://www.ncdoj.gov/Crime/Report-Animal-Cruelty.aspx
Reporting animal abuse is your responsibility. SPEAK FOR THOSE WHO HAVE NO VOICE.

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